Nursing Homes Continue to Face Staffing Problems

The AHCA/NCAL estimates that by January 2023, nursing homes won’t be staffed to their pre-pandemic levels until 2027. However, making long-term investments initially could help with staffing concerns. Effects of COVID-19 While all sectors of healthcare were greatly impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic, nursing homes were hit especially hard over the last three years. The […]

What is Revenue Cycle Management?

Revenue cycle management (RCM) is the financial procedure that healthcare institutions employ to track patient care events from registration and scheduling appointments to the final payment of a balance, and it makes use of medical billing software. How does RCM Apply to Healthcare? Revenue cycle management brings together the business and clinical elements of healthcare […]

CMS Plans to Bring Back Visit Complexity Code in 2024

What is Happening? The preliminary plans for the 2024 calendar year have been released. As a result, medical groups should brace themselves for rate cuts: the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services is proposing a net 3.4% drop in the Medicare Part B conversion factor. After the proposed 2024 Medicare physician fee schedule was released […]

Benefits of a Work-Life Balance for Remote Workers

It’s clear that remote work is not going away anytime soon. It is extremely important to create a balance of work and life for those working from home. Benefits of Remote Work in Healthcare Some healthcare providers may be hesitant to continue remote or hybrid work after the pandemic. However, various benefits reported by physicians […]

The Future: Remote Work

Remote work is the future of all industries, including healthcare. MedCore Solutions specializes in helping healthcare organizations hire remote employees to boost profit and help things run smoother overall. The Normalcy of Remote Work Remote jobs have been on the rise over the last three years as a result of COVID-19. People in all fields […]

Role of a Collection Specialist

MedCore has another solution to help your practice run more smoothly: a collection specialist. Furthermore, MedCore offers two different categories of collections specialists: patient collection specialists and insurance collection specialists. What is a Collection Specialist? Medical collection specialists are in charge of all duties related to collecting payments on patient accounts. Even though work is […]

Exposure to Poor Air Quality Related to Long-term Health Effects

Recently, exposure to poor air quality leads to increased hospitalization and long-term health effects. Wildfire smoke from Canada is a concern in the United States, most recently lowering hazy curtains across the Midwest and spreading into Illinois, Indiana, and Ohio as well as certain areas of West Virginia. What is Causing This? The air quality […]

Benefits of Prior Authorization Specialists

A direct channel of communication between insurance companies and patients is provided by prior authorization specialists. Additionally to ensuring patients have the coverage they require for the treatments they receive, they assist you in enhancing the general patient experience. What Exactly is Prior Authorization? Prior authorization, according to, is when a health plan must […]

How Healthcare Systems Are Adapting and Growing

Providers are accelerating their digital health plans while altering their technologies and ideas as a means to adapt to new healthcare protocols. While your practice is growing and adapting to new medical information, MedCore can also assist your practice’s growth. Adapting to a New Lifestyle Even though the COVID-19 public health emergency declaration was lifted […]

Medical Billers at MedCore

The difference between thriving and unsuccessful medical practices is outstanding, professional medical billers. The medical billers at MedCore assist your practice in managing payments, invoicing, and insurance claims. What is Medical Billing? The process of creating medical records for submission to insurance companies in order to get reimbursed for medical services provided by clinicians and […]