Growth in Medical Coding Market

growth in medical coding

In 2023 thus far, there has been major growth in medical coding globally. Global demand for precise and effective medical billing and coding procedures are what is fueling the market’s expansion. Moreover, the market for medical coding is anticipated to develop at a CAGR of 10.90% from 2023 to 2031, reaching a value of USD […]

The Role of Certified Medical Coders

medical coders

One of the most common ways that hospitals and healthcare organizations lose revenue is because of billing errors. Certified Medical Coders from MedCore are ready to help. Protect your revenue by taking action as soon as possible. What are Medical Coders? Certified medical coders add mandatory information to patient records that are required for billing and data […]

Legal Considerations for Staffing Shortages in Healthcare


Since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020, a significant number of healthcare providers have left the industry and staffing enough HCP to provide care has been a struggle. Changes as a Result of the Pandemic Healthcare systems and hospitals are questioning how they can continue to provide patient care while remaining in compliance […]

Medical Coding Shortages

medical coding

Shortage of Medical Coders Medical coding is essential in healthcare’s administrative and operational domains, but doctors and nurses are still experiencing a shortage of these key personnel. Coders play a crucial role in community health and research activities, correct reimbursement, and maintaining records. Although this is an extremely common field, as noted before, clinicians are […]

The Top 5 States Having Hiring Issues in Healthcare


As a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, various states struggled with hiring new employees, causing the healthcare unemployment rates to rise. Meanwhile, the healthcare industry continues to provide more jobs. Looking at the Numbers Organizations are struggling with service delays or shortened hours while labor force participation rates, particularly in the healthcare industry, are at […]

Positive Changes in Prior Authorization

prior authorization

Prior authorization has become the standard instance of well-intentioned healthcare policies gone wrong. Finding skilled staff to handle prior authorization is essential for healthcare organizations. The Root of the Problem The current system was designed to avoid low-value or unnecessary medical services by needing insurer approval before requesting specific operations, tests, or treatments. It has […]

Our Mission


Healthcare practitioners can concentrate more on patient care with the aid of the affordable and high-quality administrative staffing solutions provided by MedCore Solutions. MedCore: The innovative, scaleable, and affordable way to build a Healthcare Workforce. So that healthcare businesses can concentrate on what’s most important—taking care of patients—MedCore Solutions offers flexible, cost-effective, high-quality staffing solutions […]

Benefits of Offshoring for HCP


Offshoring offers a solution to hospitals that are critically understaffed and on the brink of going under. Healthcare systems around the world are suffering from a lack of workers, notably in nursing. Increase in Staffing Shortages Since 2020, the need for healthcare providers has exponentially grown, however, the staff shortage has only grown over the […]

Increase in Labor Shortages in Healthcare

labor shortages

According to a recent study, the healthcare industry may see an increase in labor shortages in the near future, despite the rising need for healthcare providers. “The healthcare workforce is burned out following a nearly two-year face-off against COVID-19,” said by John Derse, a healthcare industry leader at Mercer. “This impact will be felt by […]

Federal Agencies Offer Funds to Address the Lack of Healthcare Providers

federal agencies

With incentives for community health workers and new nurses, federal agencies plan to address the lack of healthcare providers. The United States Departments of Labor (DOL) and Health and Human Services (HHS) announced a combined $346 million in funding for education and opportunities around the country. Community Health Workers The Health Resources and Services Administration […]