Medical Billers

High-quality skilled medical billers make the difference between successful and struggling medical practices. 

MedCore’s Medical Billers help your practice stay on top of payments, invoices, and insurance claims. Billing errors are costly, time-consuming, and bad for the patient experience. However, they are also very common. Medical billing errors cost both patients and practices large sums of money each year. Because of this, all healthcare practices should take steps to avoid billing errors. Luckily, MedCore staff can help with this.

Responsibilities of Medical Billers

Services our Medical Billers provide include:

  • Calculate medical bills for procedures
  • Send claims to insurance companies in an accurate and timely manner
  • Coordinate with insurance companies regarding payment errors or issues
  • Monitoring insurance claims and follow up when necessary
  • Partner with patients to create payment plans, when necessary, and working with collection accounts, when necessary
  • Ensure maximum reimbursement for treatments is paid to the practice
  • Complete claims by coordinating and communicating with payers
  • Investigate inconsistencies in payments and rectify them
  • Research all claims that were denied
  • Verify patient benefits for all procedures and treatments performed at a visit

Primary and Secondary Billing

MedCore submits claims for both primary and secondary insurance billing. Our billing specialists check all electronic claims the day after they have been sent to the payer to ensure they have been properly processed. They will check claims weekly if the insurance company accepts paper only. Claims are always filed in a timely manner.

Build Your Medical Billing Team

Our Medical Billers can reduce costly billing errors in your office, and give your other staff the flexibility to focus on what matters most: patient care. MedCore will work with you to help determine if a Medical Biller is right for your practice.