MedCore Solutions

About us

MedCore Solutions (MCS) is a healthcare industry leader for HR solutions, medical billing, credentialing, and government-mandated OSHA, HIPAA, and corporate compliance. The main goal of MCS is to streamline healthcare administration making it simple, effective, and affordable for both healthcare and dental providers. We pride ourselves on giving you the best solutions tailored to your practice’s specific needs, so you can be confident in managing your staff and staying compliant with Federal and State regulations.

MCS billing and coding specialists assure your revenue cycle runs smoothly and efficiently. We also offer an expansive suite of administrative products and trainings to keep your practice and its employees safe and up to date with compliance and to avoid fines and litigation. Our online compliance center is quick and easy to use, and provides you with an extensive library of training courses, covering OSHA, HIPAA, Human Resources, Health Plan Management, Patient Safety and Regulations, Infection Control, and much more.

If you are looking for an easier way to manage and protect your practice, we invite you to register today to begin the process of simplifying to a single source solution.