Certified Medical Coders

Billing errors are one of the most pernicious ways that clinics, medical offices, and hospitals lose revenue.  MedCore’s Certified Medical Coders can help.  Take steps to protect your profit today.

Our Certified Medical Coders help you standardize and accurately record information to avoid billing errors. Billing errors are costly, time-consuming, and bad for the patient experience. However, they are also very common. As a result, all healthcare practices should take steps to avoid medical billing errors. Luckily, Medical Coders can help with this.

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Responsibilities of Certified Medical Coders

Our Certified Medical Coders provide the following services to ensure medical bills are coded accurately:

  • Interpreting patient charts for diagnoses, procedures, or other administered treatments
  • Identifying and assigning proper billing codes based on services performed during a patient visit
  • Standardizing data for billing and organizational purposes
  • Sequence codes in the proper order to comply with all laws and regulations
  • Verifying patient documents to ensure they reflect treatments administered during a visit
  • Clarify issues or questions about information with healthcare staff, including physicians
  • Spearhead any review regarding errors or edits in the coding of past bills
  • Respond to any questions regarding the coding of treatments
  • Ensuring records are accurate by auditing documents
  • Develop solutions to any coding errors that may arise
  • Collaborate with others in the office to improve efficiency and ensure all records are accurate and complete
  • Understand and adhere to medical coding conventions
  • Consult on coding issues with other healthcare staff
  • Comply with all regulatory guidelines for bill coding
  • Complete special projects on an as-needed basis

Certified Medical Coder Skills

Furthermore, they can help lighten the burden on your other healthcare staff in the office. Our Certified Medical Coders can reduce costly billing errors in your office, and give your other staff the flexibility to focus on what matters most: patient care. MedCore will work with you to help determine if a Certified Medical Coder is right for your practice.