Medical Scribes

Skilled medical scribes contribute directly to the profitability of your physicians by maximizing their billable time.

Any successful care manager understands the value of placing experienced specialists to assist the physician staff.  Physician time is one of the key areas that allow you to maximize your profitability.  Utilizing a physician to handle mundane tasks considerably reduced your ability to generate consistent revenue.

Medical scribes play a pivotal role in the healthcare system. This is because they provide essential support to healthcare providers and ensure efficient and accurate patient care. Their importance stems from their ability to alleviate the burden of documentation tasks on physicians, allowing them to focus on direct patient care.
By meticulously recording patient histories, examination details, and treatment plans in real time, medical scribes enhance the accuracy and completeness of medical records, facilitating seamless communication between healthcare professionals. Overall, medical scribes are vital members of the healthcare team, serving as a valuable resource that enhances patient care, physician satisfaction, and the overall quality of healthcare delivery.


Among a wide variety of other supporting tasks, our specialists help physicians with:

  • Recording information about physician-patient interactions and encounters
  • Report these encounters in electronic health records (EHR)
  • Update patient health information, exam results, and history
  • Documenting information about the patient’s visit
  • -Proficient use of Electronic Health Record Systems
  • Assisting physicians and healthcare staff with patient visits
  • Help Submit medical records
  • Help prescribe medications to patients electronically
  • Knowledge and compliance with HIPAA policy


MedCore specialists reduce the number of responsibilities physicians have to handle, so they can prioritize patient care. MedCore will work with you to help determine if our specialists are right for your practice.

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