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We provide flexible healthcare staffing positions in key areas so you can better focus on what matters most: patient care, retention, and providing innovative services. MedCore enables you to reduce pressure on your staff while growing your practice.

Save Time

MedCore removes the tedious parts of the staffing process from your plate (including hiring, HR, and training).

Improve Profitability

Our flexible medical staffing solutions save the typical practice thousands per month.

Patient Retention

Reducing the burden on your core staff will allow them to focus on patient care and will increase your retention metrics.

Flexible Medical Staffing Solutions

Don't lock yourself into anything

Traditional hiring can feel like a commitment you can’t escape. Additionally, you have to deal with the headaches and costs of onboarding, HR processing, payroll additions, and training.

The headache is amplified when you have to let employees go. This process is time-consuming and hurts your practice’s bottom line.

Our flexible staffing provides you with any kind of help you need. It doesn’t lock you into long-term contracts or obligations. We set the terms based on your needs, not ours.

Care for Your Community

Better Care. Better Results.

The nationwide shortage of medical staff has left healthcare professionals with a daunting amount of daily tasks to complete. Because of the overwhelming workload, patient care suffers and core staff is left overworked.

By utilizing our staffing services, you can fill employee shortages and reduce the workload for your core team. This allows them to focus on what matters most: patient care!

Looking for Healthcare Talent? Look No Further!

If you are looking for high-quality healthcare professionals to provide better support and services, then MedCore can help your practice today! Our unique approach to healthcare staffing provides flexible solutions to fill essential roles for support, telemedicine, scheduling, and more.

Existing nurses and medical professionals are often required to do these tasks because of staffing shortages. Introducing MedCore staffing in these crucial areas is cost-effective. Furthermore, it allows medical professionals to focus on providing care.

What Our Clients Are Saying...

Valerie Gibbs
Baptist Eye Surgeons
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Baptist Eye Surgeons partnered with Mark Gutweiler's and his team at AMC American Medical Compliance group a few months ago. We have been thrilled with the service, the customer support and his team. Thank you Mark for taking such great care of us.
Mohammed Ahmed
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Highly recommend Medcore Solutions! Their staff is competent, personable, and is dedicated to the growth of their clients.
Nidia Mota
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Everyone at Medcore is very professional, and work very efficiently. Highly recommend.
Saboor Rashid
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Excellent services, very thorough, have helped our staff tremendously and our business. I would highly recommend them

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