Surgery Schedulers

MedCore’s Surgery Schedulers improve the patient experience and assist medical facilities with the coordination and booking of procedures.

Surgery Scheduler Skills

Surgery schedulers play a crucial role in the efficient and effective functioning of any healthcare facility. They are the backbone of the surgical department, responsible for managing and organizing the intricate details of surgical procedures. They ensure optimal utilization of operating rooms, coordinate patient appointments, and maintain a streamlined flow of surgeries. By carefully orchestrating the scheduling process, they help minimize delays, prevent conflicts, and enhance patient safety.


Their expertise in prioritizing surgeries based on urgency and resource availability is instrumental in maximizing the efficiency of surgical services. Moreover, surgery schedulers serve as a vital link between patients, surgeons, and other healthcare professionals, ensuring clear communication and facilitating a smooth surgical experience for all parties involved. Their meticulous planning and attention to detail contribute significantly to the overall quality of patient care, making surgery schedulers invaluable members of the healthcare team.


MedCore will work with you to help determine if a Surgery Scheduler is right for your practice. 

Responsibilities of Surgery Schedulers

Services our staff provides include:

  • Coordinating patients’ personal schedules and needs, surgeons’ schedules, access to hospital facilities, and insurance authorizations to schedule procedures
  • Schedule any necessary tests before a surgical procedure and assist patients with the pre-op process
  • Schedule surgical procedures, and coordinate between various hospitals and treatment centers to do so
  • Tracking documents that are required before surgeries
  • Access medical records and comply with HIPAA guidelines
  • Fill out paperwork to schedule patients for surgical procedures
  • Verify that necessary equipment will be ready for medical appointments
  • Receives appropriate coding information for the surgery
  • Ensure that all information is accurate, up-to-date, and communicated with all parties involved

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