Patient Collections Specialists

MedCore offers two types of Collections Specialists to help your practice operate more efficiently: Insurance Collections Specialists and Patient Collections Specialists.

Collections Specialists

Our staff will work with patients throughout the claims process. MedCore specialists help your practice speed up the revenue cycle on patient balances. They accomplish this by working with patients to ensure claims are paid in full. MedCore staff can process payments over the phone or online if the provider has online payment options.

Our staff ensures your practice is receiving payments for claims, and gives your other staff the flexibility to focus on what matters most: patient care. MedCore will work with you to help determine if a Patient Collections Specialist is right for your practice. MedCore works to seamlessly integrate our staff into your existing operations to help your health organization run efficiently.

Claims Follow-Up

Our specialists handle all of the necessary steps to manage and follow up with claims. MedCore staff monitor payments and follow up on pending payments about what payers may need. MedCore staff tracks these follow-ups using client billing software.

Payment Posting

Our specialists use client billing software to update the statuses of payments that are made. Once payment statuses are updated, the claim is complete. Insurance Collection Specialists update accounts to reflect all deductibles, copayments, insurance, and payments made by patients.

Appeals and Rebills

Clients may need to appeal a claim and request that their insurance conducts a full and fair review of its decision. Specialists will often rebill or resubmit paperwork or other information when this happens. MedCore handles all of the necessary steps in this process, so your practice doesn't have to.

See How a Collections Specialist can Help Your Practice

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