The difference between thriving and unsuccessful medical practices is outstanding, professional medical billers. The medical billers at MedCore assist your practice in managing payments, invoicing, and insurance claims.

What is Medical Billing?

The process of creating medical records for submission to insurance companies in order to get reimbursed for medical services provided by clinicians and other HCP is known as medical billing. After converting a medical treatment into a billing claim, the medical biller tracks the claim to ensure the organization is paid for the completed work. A skilled medical biller can boost the income for the doctor’s office or healthcare facility.

While we provide staffing solutions for both medical billing and medical coding, they are not the same. They are very similar professions and equally as important to a successful healthcare organization. However, medical coders go over the patient record and extract information that can be billed, which they then convert into standardized codes.

In contrast, medical billers coordinate payments for healthcare services with HCP, insurance companies, and┬ápatients. Billers first gather the required data. This contains the patient’s demographics, medical background, insurance status, and the treatments or services they have had.

What Medical Billers Do at MedCore

Billing mistakes are expensive, time-consuming, and detrimental to patient satisfaction. They are, nonetheless, extremely frequent. Each year, medical practices and patients lose a lot of money as a result of billing mistakes. All medical facilities should therefore take precautions to prevent billing errors. Fortunately, the MedCore team can assist with this.

Additionally, MedCore files claims for both primary and secondary insurance billing. The day after an electronic claim is delivered to the payer, our billing professionals verify it to make sure it was completed correctly. If the insurance provider only accepts paper claims, they will review them every week. Claims are consistently submitted on time.

Job Responsibilities in Medical Billing

Our employees offer the following services:

  • Determine the cost of medical operations.
  • Send insurance company claims in a precise and timely manner.
  • Work with insurance providers to resolve any problems with payments.
  • Following up on insurance claims as necessary.
  • When required, collaborate with patients to develop payment plans and cooperate with collection accounts.
  • Make sure the practice receives the greatest payment possible for the procedures.
  • Complete claims by working with payers to plan and communicate.
  • Look into payment irregularities and make the necessary corrections.
  • Investigate any contested assertions.
  • Verify the effectiveness of all procedures and therapies given to patients during a visit.

Our medical billers can help your practice cut down on expensive billing mistakes while giving other staff more time to concentrate on what’s the most important: patient care. If you feel your practice will succeed with the help of a medical biller, MedCore will assist you in making that decision.


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