Remote work is the future of all industries, including healthcare. MedCore Solutions specializes in helping healthcare organizations hire remote employees to boost profit and help things run smoother overall.

The Normalcy of Remote Work

Remote jobs have been on the rise over the last three years as a result of COVID-19. People in all fields have changed their work structure to move fully online and operate from home. Working from home reduces one’s chance of getting sick, which was the original benefit of remote work. Although no imminent health risks are associated with working in your office, people are taking full advantage of the available technology.

Likewise, studies have shown that most employees like working remotely rather than coming into the office daily. When given the option, 87% of workers select hybrid work arrangements over the conventional face-to-face approach. A further fifty-eight percent of Americans now spend at least one day a week working from home. Employees have more flexibility working from home than they do in traditional jobs. Additionally, the third-largest motivator cited by job seekers for their search is the possibility to work remotely. Employers with remote employment options have a significant advantage when hiring new employees. MedCore can help your organization in hiring new, fully remote employees.

Technology in Healthcare isn’t Going Away Anytime Soon

Now, hundreds of thousands of people work from home daily, and the healthcare industry is also benefitting from this. A study found that 83% of businesses that switched to a hybrid or remote working style during the epidemic have no immediate intentions to stop. Utilizing the benefits of both in-person and working remotely, you may provide patients with high-quality care while enhancing the welfare of your staff.

Of course, some could argue that working remotely lowers the standard of medical care. However, because of the advancement of telemedicine capabilities, patients can now receive high-quality care from distant healthcare providers. Greater scheduling flexibility provided by hybrid work can lower employee burnout, boost morale, and ultimately increase output and profitability.

What Does MedCore Have to Offer?

As previously noted, MedCore Solutions is an expert in healthcare staffing solutions that integrate top-notch medical specialists into your existing systems in order to improve patient care and efficiency. Some employees we are known to help your organization staff include medical billers, medical scribes, and certified medical coders, to name a few. Our services can act as a boost to your practice if you feel that employing remote workers will benefit your team.

Companies are Becoming More Competitive

Companies must do everything necessary to attract job applicants because the labor crisis is makingĀ it harder than ever to hire employees. Remote workers are more efficient, less inclined to leave their professions, and more content in their positions. Additionally, a lot of workers, particularly those in technical industries, expect their employers to provide remote work options. It has become the new standard.

Employers also benefit from remote work. Organizations save money because they don’t have to spend money on maintaining physical offices. Additionally, remote workers increase your company’s flexibility and scalability. The future of the economy and the advantages of remote labor are both understood by MedCore. As a result, our entire workforce works remotely.


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