A study demonstrates that teaming primary care physicians with a remote scribe can result in “significant improvements in physician wellness,” despite internists and family physicians regularly reporting greater rates of burnout than the national average for all specialties. MedCore Solutions specializes in the hiring of remote workers, and we can help you hire remote scribes as well.

Seeing a Change

According to a burnout assessment, 70.3% of the participating physicians in the study indicated burnout prior to being assigned a scribe. Using a scribe reduced that percentage by 26.8%, to 51.4%. The percentage of physicians who did not have access to a scribe increased from 50% to 60.3% during the course of the study.

By maximizing your doctors’ billable time, skilled medical scribes directly contribute to decreasing levels of physician burnout and help with the overall success of the healthcare facility.

Benefits of Having a Scribe on your Team

Additionally, doctors who had scribes were more likely to say that their workplaces were pleasant and encouraging. According to the study, which was backed by an AMA Practice Transformation EHR Use Research grant and was published in the journal Healthcare, they also worked at a good pace and experienced less EHR stress than their counterparts who weren’t given scribes.

Any effective healthcare administrator recognizes the importance of assigning knowledgeable specialists to support the medical staff. One of the essential elements that enables you to optimize your income is physician time. Furthermore, hiring staff to take over the simple tasks typically assigned to physicians, like paperwork, will help decrease stress and increase revenue.

Mark A. Micek, MD said that scribes enhance how HCP perceive the direction of the work flow. As a result of their level of work decreasing, healthcare provider’s burnout is decreasing, too.

Saved Time from EHR

Researches found that using a scribe during clinical visits to assist doctors with record keeping and other electronic health record (EHR) system tasks reduced doctors’ EHR time up to one hour for every eight hours of time with patients. This includes a reduction of EHR time of around 30 minutes outside of the typical weekday. Writing notes took up a lot of this time, but these tasks can be performed by a scribe.

Scribes and medical transcriptionists typically spend a lot of time working with EHR technology and help physicians with keeping track of all interactions and diagnoses online.

Physicians can emphasize patient care because MedCore specialists lessen the workload they must manage. If our specialists are a good fit for your organization, MedCore will work with you to make that determination.

Looking to Add Medical Scribes in your Healthcare Practice?

MedCore Solutions can help your practice tackle staffing shortages and bring more medical scribes to your team. They are an industry leader in streamlined medical billing and administrative services. MedCore’s specialists offer a solution to industry-wide staffing shortages while helping your practice run smoothly. MedCore tailors solutions to the needs of each medical practice so providers can focus on what matters most: taking care of their patients. Learn more at https://medcoresolutions.com/.


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