The Surgery Schedulers from MedCore enhance patient satisfaction while assisting healthcare facilities with the planning and scheduling of surgeries. Moreover, a surgery scheduler is a vital component in the surgical unit of a hospital. MedCore Solutions specializes in remote staffing solutions and can help your organization find remote surgery schedulers for your team.

What do They do?

Surgery schedulers are essential to the functional and efficient operation of any medical facility. They are in charge of overseeing and arranging the precise the fine details of surgical procedures, and they serve as the foundation of the surgical department. Surgery schedulers make sure that patients are appropriately scheduled for medical examinations, referrals, and other components of their treatment plan as asked by doctors. They also book patients for surgical procedures. Additionally, surgical schedulers’ everyday responsibilities include keeping track of cancellations and scheduling medical appointments. With the help of surgery schedulers, a care plan will run smoothly, and MedCore can help with this.

In order to maximize the effectiveness of surgical services, it is crucial that they prioritize surgeries based on priority and the availability of resources. Furthermore, they oversee the best possible use of operating rooms, plan patient appointments, and uphold a smooth surgical workflow.

On top of that, surgery schedulers act as an essential link between surgeons, patients, and other healthcare providers, providing open lines of communication and a seamless surgical experience for all parties. Surgery schedulers are essential members of the medical team because of their precise preparation and attention to detail, which considerably improves the standard of patient care as a whole.They help reduce delays, avoid conflicts, and improve patient safety by meticulously managing the scheduling process.

Necessary Education and Skills to Become a Surgery Scheduler

If you are wanting to become a surgery scheduler, you have strong organizational skills, be able to multitask, understand and follow HIPAA rules and regulations in the workplace, have strong written and communication skills, among other skills.

Also, you must have a high school diploma, GED or equivalent experience, some organizations want you to have an associate’s degree, and have prior scheduling experience to be considered for the position.

Responsibilities on the Job

Our team offers the following services:

  • Before a surgical surgery, schedule any necessary testing, and help patients with the pre-op procedure.
  • Arranging for the scheduling of procedures by coordinating the needs and personal schedules of patients, surgeons, access to hospital facilities, and insurance authorizations
  • Access medical records while adhering to HIPAA regulations
  • Plan surgical procedures and work with several hospitals and healthcare facilities to do so.
  • Tracking the paperwork needed before operations
  • Organize patient appointments for surgical procedures by completing paperwork
  • Make sure the required tools are available for medical appointments.
  • Receives the proper surgical coding information
  • Ensure that every piece of information is correct, current, and shared with everyone involved.

As mentioned above, a surgery scheduler is an extremely important aspect of a surgical team. If a surgery scheduler is the best choice for your clinic, MedCore will work with you to make that decision.


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