Experienced medical scribes increase your doctors’ billable time, which directly contributes to their financial success. Medical scribes are in high demand, and for good reason. They support the effectiveness and accuracy of data and patient records.

Furthermore, effective care managers recognize the importance of assigning knowledgeable specialists to support the medical staff. Physician time is a crucial area that enables you to optimize your income. In a healthcare facility, it is helpful to employ the proper staff so that physicians are not stuck doing simple tasks. As a result, the regular flow of income is decreased, but hiring a medical scribe to your team can help eliminate this issue.

What is a Medical Scribe?

Medical scribes record all contact between doctors and patients during the course of treatment. One of the duties of this position is to enter all patient written records into a computer system so that the attending doctor can concentrate on providing care. The scribe completes all the paperwork simultaneously.

Additionally, if a patient needs to have medical procedures like X-rays, CT scans, blood tests, or urine tests, a scribe works for the doctor to connect with the other departments. A scribe must track these in order for the healthcare facility to run smoothly. MedCore Solutions has the necessary resources to help your clinic add medical scribes to help your team.

It is also recommended that those aspiring to be a medical scribe be able to multi-task, have proficient computer and typing skills, and understand how to use electronic health records (EHR) systems.

Job Responsibilities

Our specialists support doctors with a wide range of responsibilities, including:

  • Recording details of a patient’s visit
  • Updating the patient’s history, exam findings, and health information
  • Keeping a record of contacts and encounters between doctors and patients
  • Include a note about these encounters in your EHR.
  • Using EHR systems effectively
  • Helping doctors and other HCP during patient visits
  • Assistance in submitting medical records
  • Aid in electronic drug prescription to patients
  • HIPAA policy understanding and compliance

Medical scribes or transcriptionists work separately from nurses and are not allowed to interact with patients directly, handle bodily fluids, or offer medical advice. While transcriptionists and scribes operate behind the scenes, a nurse engages with a patient more directly.

Why is this Role Important?

Medical scribes record every conversation between the doctor and the patient. In contrast, a medical transcriptionist records information that is dictated to them. With merely an audio recording of a doctor, remote medical transcribing work is possible. Since MedCore Solutions specifically hires remote employees, we can can help you employ remote medical scribes or transcriptionists for the overall benefit your healthcare organization.

To free up more time for patient care, specialists from MedCore lessen the workload that doctors face. If our scribes are a good fit for your facility, MedCore will collaborate with you to make that choice.


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