Remote Staffing Solutions for the U.S. Labor Crisis

In the face of the ongoing labor crisis gripping the United States, businesses across various industries are searching for innovative solutions to meet their workforce needs. At the forefront of this challenge is Medcore Solutions, a company that is changing the game by offering remote staffing solutions. The labor crisis in the United States, exacerbated […]

Emergency Relief Fund for Wildfires in Hawaii

Wildfires in Hawaii on the island of Maui, driven by strong winds from an. offshore hurricanes, continue to damage the Hawaiian landscape and disrupt the lives of everyone on the island. Dozens of lives have been lost and even more have been injured. Hundreds of buildings and businesses were destroyed as a result of the […]

Data Breaches in Healthcare are Costly

For 13 years in a row, healthcare has been the sector with the most expensive data breaches. Each breach averaged $11 million, which is nearly double the cost of data breaches in the finance sector. Data Breaches in Hospitals Hospitals recovering from cybersecurity attacks often have a long way to go. With computer systems compromised, […]