For 13 years in a row, healthcare has been the sector with the most expensive data breaches. Each breach averaged $11 million, which is nearly double the cost of data breaches in the finance sector.

Data Breaches in Hospitals

Hospitals recovering from cybersecurity attacks often have a long way to go. With computer systems compromised, hospitals must use paper systems and more staff to complete the same amount of tasks. These breaches cause the closure of care centers and the rescheduling of treatments.

Cybercriminals recently targeted a California-based healthcare provider with an extreme data breach, causing connecting emergency department closures. Employees diverted patients to alternative care centers due to the unstable computer systems.

The organization was the Prospect Medical Holdings office in L.A., which has several clinics in states besides California. All of their healthcare facilities have been experiencing technical complications since the breach, leading to a slower delivery of health services.

Patients Affected by Data Breaches

Prospect Medical clinics canceled several services, such as podiatry and wound care, in their clinics due to the breach. Inpatient and outpatient computer systems were affected, dramatically impacting how care is delivered. Appointments have needed to be rescheduled, and many of the clinics are reevaluating their data security protocols.

One can clearly see how cybersecurity can dramatically impact patient health. With hospitals in Pennsylvania and Connecticut affected, the effects of one security incident has been widespread.

These hospitals have had to close their emergency departments, which is a vital health care service. Additionally, ambulances had to be redirected. Therefore, protecting data security and privacy should be of the utmost importance for healthcare facilities.

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