Who We Help?

Revenue Cycle Services for Hospitalist Groups

MedCore Solutions can support large Hospitalist Groups. Our expert billing staff are well versed in in-patient coding and billing. MedCore Solutions ensure continuous improvements in quality assurance and process management that minimizes mistakes and maximizes equal reimbursement to the providers.

Private Practices

A successful private practice’s foundation lies in extracting steady, reliable income from a growing, dispersed payer mix. This steadiness includes a tightly organized medical billing, in which every part of the revenue process is provided special consideration by appropriately qualified and supervised staff. We at MedCore Solutions take pride in our robust full-service medical billing operations for private practices.

Help in Outsourcing

Medical billing is one of the most time-consuming and frustrating tasks that often divert medical practitioners’ attention from their core expertise. Why? Because they often end up overseeing the billing themselves, or at the very least, being heavily involved in the process. MedCore Solutions help you to outsource your entire medical billing to experts.