Benefits of Offshoring for HCP


Hospitals all throughout the world are critically understaffed and on the brink of going under. Healthcare systems around the world are suffering from a lack of workers, notably in nursing. Increase in Staffing Shortages Since 2020, the need for healthcare providers has exponentially grown, however, the staff shortage has only grown over the last three […]

Increase in Labor Shortages in Healthcare

labor shortages

According to a recent study, the healthcare industry may see an increase in labor shortages in the near future, despite the rising need for healthcare providers. “The healthcare workforce is burned out following a nearly two-year face-off against COVID-19,” said by John Derse, a healthcare industry leader at Mercer. “This impact will be felt by […]

Federal Agencies Offer Funds to Address the Lack of Healthcare Providers

federal agencies

With incentives for community health workers and new nurses, federal agencies want to increase the size of the healthcare workforce. The United States Departments of Labor (DOL) and Health and Human Services (HHS) announced a combined $346 million in funding for education and opportunities around the country. Community Health Workers The Health Resources and Services […]

Potential Continuation of Workforce Issues in Medical Groups

workforce issues

According to a poll by the American Medical Group Association (AMGA), ongoing workforce issues have caused medical groups’ staffing ratios to decline and their labor costs to rise. A Decline in Staffing Ratios The 2022 Medical Group Operations and Finance Survey contains data from more than 24,000 medical professionals working in 5,600 clinics. The results […]