The Vital Link Between Patient Engagement and Medical Billing Success 

An international study on patients revealed that countries with higher levels of patient engagement demonstrate lower rates of medical errors and higher overall patient satisfaction compared to those with lower engagement levels. This underscores the critical importance of patient engagement. Not only does it enhance clinical outcomes and satisfaction, it also bolsters the financial stability […]

The Future of Medical Billing: Trends and Innovations 

According to research published by the Harbert College of Business, a hospital increased its annual net revenue by $1.73 million on average implementing one additional clinical IT unit and one additional business IT unit. Successful IT implementations have been proven to bring substantial net revenue growth for healthcare providers, and their success involves the adoption of […]

Outsourcing a Medical Collections Specialist Can Increase Your Collections by 120%

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One of the critical aspects of maintaining financial health is effective medical collections. According to CFPB research, 58% of people’s credit reports were medical debts. This means that people rampantly have their medical debts higher than student loans, utility, and credit cards. With people becoming more health-conscious in 2024, you can expect an increase in […]