Top Qualities to Look for in a Medical Collections Specialist

The role of a medical collections specialist is pivotal in the healthcare industry, especially now that approximately 25% of nonprofit hospitals in the United States are currently operating with negative margins. Medical Collections Specialists ensure that healthcare providers receive timely payments for their services, which in turn, sustains the financial health of medical facilities. Finding […]

How to Balance Compassion and Collection Efficiency

Balancing compassion and collection efficiency in healthcare is a challenging yet essential task. On one hand, healthcare providers must ensure their financial stability by collecting payments for services rendered. On the other hand, they must approach this process with empathy, as one in ten adults in the U.S. have significant medical debt, according to a […]

Boost Efficiency: Must-Have Tools for Remote Medical Billing

must-have tools for remote medical billing

Remote work is becoming an increasingly popular option in medical billing, with the healthcare industry being one of the top industries for remote workers in 2024. As healthcare providers and billing professionals adapt to this shift, having the right tools is crucial for maintaining efficiency and accuracy. In this blog, we’ll explore essential tools that […]

Unlock Savings and Boost Efficiency with Remote Healthcare Staff 

In the healthcare industry, the need for innovative solutions to tackle rising costs and efficiency demands is more urgent than ever. One such innovation is the integration of remote healthcare staff. A study by the AMA found that 79% of patients were very satisfied with the care they received during their most recent telehealth visit, […]

Understanding the Workflow of Prior Authorization Specialists

According to a survey conducted by the American Medical Association (AMA), an overwhelming 89% of physicians have highlighted the negative impact of prior authorization delays on patient outcomes. This statistic underscores the critical nature of prior authorization in healthcare. Moreover, prior authorization is essential for making sure patients receive appropriate medical treatments while effectively managing […]

Top 5 Telemedicine Apps for Healthcare Providers 

As per Fortune Business Insights, significant expansion is anticipated in the telehealth sector, with forecasts suggesting a rise from $142.96 billion in 2023 to $504.24 billion by 2030. Furthermore, with this expansion comes the emergence of telemedicine apps which have become essential tools for healthcare providers. They offer an easy and effective way to connect […]

8 Telehealth Nursing Best Practices for Delivering Quality Care

Telehealth has emerged as a vital tool for modern healthcare providers. Moreover, among the various professionals practicing this digital shift, nurses play an important role in giving quality care through telehealth platforms. The demand for telehealth services continues to rise. Therefore, it becomes important for nurses to adopt best practices that ensure the delivery of […]

7 Strategies for Healthcare Revenue Recovery

Unforeseen challenges such as reimbursement denials, regulatory changes, and economic changes can significantly impact revenue streams. In fact, as featured in HFMA, there’s an average of nearly $5 million in claim denials per provider across the United States. Therefore, effective strategies for healthcare revenue recovery should be applied. In this blog, you’ll explore proven tactics […]

Improving Cost-Efficiency With Healthcare Virtual Assistant

Healthcare providers face numerous challenges, including rising operational costs, increasing administrative burdens, and the need to maintain high-quality patient care. However, one innovative solution that addresses these challenges head-on is working with a healthcare virtual assistant in practice operations. As featured in Allied Market Research, the projected size of the global healthcare virtual assistance market […]

Assigning Tasks to Your Remote Medical Virtual Assistant

Healthcare providers are continually on the lookout for strategies to streamline their workflows, elevate patient care, and enhance overall efficiency. Hence, a transformative solution poised to revolutionize the operational landscape of healthcare practices is the remote virtual assistant. According to Business Research Insights, the market size of healthcare virtual assistants exceeded $692 million in 2021, […]