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Medical Scribing

A physician’s documentation and upkeep of clinical records is known as Scribing Services. Physicians have the ability to use skilled scribers with expertise in clinical documentation, also known as ancillary personnel, to document a physician’s work in either a facility or office setting.

The scribe does not act independently and does not provide care, rather they focus on the documentation of the physician’s dictation and actions during their visits. The documentation can be performed in two ways- as Electronic Health Records on an EHR platform or on the patient charts. The NPP or physician confirms the scribe’s documentation by performing said documentation on the physician’s or practitioner’s signature.

  • Manually transforming physician notes to electronic chart notes: Taking the physician’s handwritten notes and scribing them into electronic chart notes for the EHR platform.
  • Natural Language Processing Documentation: Technologies including digital clinical assistants supports the scribes in their medical documentation tasks.
  • Real-time scribing tools: The increased adoption of certain audio/ video communication instruments and Google Glass to perform scribing is noticed as there is more bandwidth made available.

Medical Scribing Expertise

The scribing team is made up of people who contain expertise in medical coding and come from a medical background.

Because of this, the scribing team understands insurance documentation guidelines, different medical specialties, clinical situations, and the physician’s language. We staff our scribing teams with those who comprehend the specific medical domain correspondent to the physician’s expertise.

Additionally, we deliver trainings to our team members regarding voice, language, and accent so they can better understand the physician’s speaking styles.

The Benefits of MedCore Scribing Services

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