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OIG Exclusionary Service (LEIE) Verification Interface

Protect your organization and stay on track with

Screening and Monitoring

Healthcare-based exclusion and sanction screening, with license credentialing monitoring solutions.

Smart Screening and Continued Monitoring Solutions

Better monitoring leads to a safer and productive environment.

Our systems will allow you to monitor employees for compliance and licensure risks, to improve a better environment for patients and their care team. Enabling these screenings will help reduce the risk rate among employees.

Our Screening and Monitoring solution will eliminate the complexity and high price of conducting and monitoring employees for potential risks.

Working with the healthcare industry’s biggest names over the last 10+ years, our affiliate American Medical Compliance, has developed an automated system that works in regulating assessments on all employees for sanctions, exclusion, and license monitoring. Our systems will reduce risks while aiding your organization and optimizing time.

As state and federal policies change, our systems will keep your HR teams aware of any immediate modifications. Our systems were developed to work closely with HR teams to increase efficiency.

A healthcare-specific solution to the industry’s screening and monitoring needs.

We are on your team. MedCore Solutions will protect you against risks and eliminate the difficulty of continuous screening and monitoring.

Help increase your organization’s and patients’ safety with extensive resources you can rely on.