Healthcare practitioners can concentrate more on patient care with the aid of the affordable and high-quality administrative staffing solutions provided by MedCore Solutions.

MedCore: The innovative, scaleable, and affordable way to build a Healthcare Workforce.

So that healthcare businesses can concentrate on what’s most important—taking care of patients—MedCore Solutions offers flexible, cost-effective, high-quality staffing solutions for the healthcare administration sector.

In a survey of American doctors conducted in 2016 it was discovered that over two hours were spent working at a desk and on electronic health record (EHR) duties for every hour spent directly speaking with patients, frequently spilling over into time at home. As this issue has become overwhelmingly clear over the last few years, clinicians have notoriously complained that paperwork was taking up more of their time than actual patient contact. This increase in paperwork while also caring for patients can lead to extreme burnout in the healthcare setting.

While staffing shortages in healthcare may be on the rise, it’s important to have an available resource to help address this issue. Furthermore, we address issues that patients and healthcare professionals encounter in the present healthcare system. In order to create tailored administrative staffing solutions that fit their needs, MedCore collaborates with healthcare organizations.

Increase in Staffing Shortages Over Time

As was already established, the American healthcare system is suffering from a significant workforce shortage. Every position and component of the healthcare system is affected by these shortages. In order to satisfy demand in 2023, the United States will require an additional 1.1 million nurses, according to the American Hospital Association. Because of this, the country’s lack of nurses has been declared a national emergency. Nurses are just one aspect of the overall staffing crisis. Healthcare organizations lack physicians, administrative personnel, and other necessary professionals to care for patients and juggle other duties.

The lack of healthcare workers is a result of several different issues. The COVID-19 outbreak made the demand for more medical personnel even more urgent. However, the epidemic brought about significant burnout and stress among healthcare professionals, leading to many of them quitting their jobs. In the coming years, a lot of healthcare workers will also retire. Although 12% of doctors are currently past retirement age, this percentage will increase to 21% by 2026.

Costs for healthcare professionals and patients are increased by a lack of staff. Due to a shortage of medical professionals, care expenditures rose by 15%. Staffing issues also compromise patient care. When faced with more patients than they can handle, doctors are unable to deliver proper care.

The Mission of MedCore: An Innovative Approach to Staffing Shortages

To address significant labor shortages, medical firms must be resourceful. They need to rethink and revamp the responsibilities that medical professionals are carrying out in order to handle this pressing issue.

Currently, the majority of healthcare workers do administrative and operational duties in addition to their medical duties. According to 2016 research, doctors spend twice as much time managing their electronic health records as they do actually treating patients. Healthcare professionals cannot treat patients requiring specialized knowledge due to administrative responsibilities. Burnout is also exacerbated.

Additionally, between 30 and 40 percent of the job performed by nurses might be done remotely or abroad. Redistributing these duties will help healthcare firms work more efficiently.

Healthcare firms can treat more patients with fewer staff members by outsourcing administrative duties including prior authorization, medical billing and coding, operation scheduling, and much more. This makes better use of the time and effort of the providers. It also reduces costs for practitioners (and patients) and facilitates patients’ prompt access to healthcare.

In terms of administrative staffing for the healthcare sector, MedCore is the market leader. We think that the needs of the patients should always come first. To do this, we collaborate with healthcare institutions that will gain from our offerings and develop specialized programs to assist them in addressing the lack of healthcare staff. With their knowledge and experience, MedCore’s certified medical coders, billers, scribes, collections and prior authorization specialists, and surgery schedulers can help businesses run more effectively. Our personnel can readily integrate with various practice business models because they have extensive knowledge of the healthcare sector.

Looking to Tackle Staffing Shortages in your Healthcare Practice?

Furthermore, MedCore Solutions help your firm tackle staffing shortages and various challenges with medical billing as well. We are an industry leader in streamlined administrative services and medical billing. MedCore’s specialists offer a solution to industry-wide staffing shortages, all while helping your practice run smoothly. MedCore tailors solutions to the needs of individual medical practices so providers can do what matters most: taking care of patients. If you are interested in our innovative employee solutions, reach out to our specialists today. We will provide you with a free quote to determine what services can best aid your practice. Contact us at to get started.


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