MedCore Solutions

Medical Billing Services

MedCore Solutions Medical Billing service is an end-to-end medical and revenue cycle solution handling more than 30 specialties.

Our expert and professional staff handle your entire billing operations, complete revenue cycle, proactive follow-up, and denial management and reporting. Additionally, our staff constantly guide the practice staff to provide you maximum compensation at a faster rate.

Billing & Claims Management

MedCore Solutions Medical Billing and Revenue Cycle Management solution enables practices to improve collections, use their current platform and generate more revenue.

Our fully integrated solution will enable providers to optimize compensation and manage any variances and denials right within the workflow.

Our Updated Rules-Based Services

Payor changes are inevitable, but we stay ahead by constantly updating our rules engine: A knowledge base with more than 1 million rules that automatically detects claim issues before submission. Submit clean claims the first time, every time, using our Claim scrubber tool. This ensures that 96% of our claims get accepted and paid on the first submission, helping you collect much faster.

Revenue Cycle Management Services

We integrate people, processes, and technology to improve workflow efficiencies meet organization metrics, and control cost to collect. Additionally, we enable a comprehensive workflow, including registration, scheduling, patient tracking, patient accounting, and reporting through a single platform.

We eliminate revenue leakages by streamlining your entire workflow, from eligibility to check-in, co-pay collection, and the entire back office – helping you optimize revenue collection.