Avoiding Percentage of Net Collections Charges With MedCore Solutions

man avoiding percentage of net collections charges

Staff Augmentation 

  1. Specialized Skillset. Companies specializing in RCM staff augmentation can provide experienced and skilled personnel. These personnel can address specific needs in the billing process, enhancing the efficiency and accuracy of your billing team. It’s what you need when avoiding percentage of net collections charges.
  2. Training and Support. They can offer training and support to your existing staff. Moreover, these experts equip them with the necessary knowledge and skills to handle medical billing effectively. 
  3. Flexibility. Staff augmentation allows you to scale your team up or down as per your requirements. Thus, this offers operational flexibility. 


Benefits of Building Own Medical Billing Team 

  1. Control. Having your own team allows for better control and oversight over the billing process. 
  2. Customization. It enables customization of billing processes to meet specific organizational needs and preferences. 
  3. Stable Costs. Avoiding a percentage of net collections charge means that costs can be more stable and predictable. This aids in budget planning. 
  4. Improved Patient Relationships. Direct control over billing allows for better management of patient relationships. Moreover, it also handles sensitive information better. 
employee working in a company that helps in avoiding percentage of net collections charges

Strategies for Improvement 

  1. Invest in Training. Invest in continual training and development to ensure the team is updated with the latest industry knowledge and best practices. 
  2. Leverage Technology. Employ advanced billing software and technologies to streamline processes and reduce errors. 
  3. Performance Metrics. Implement clear performance metrics and incentives to enhance productivity and accuracy in billing. 
  4. Regular Audits. Conduct regular audits to identify and rectify any discrepancies or areas of improvement in the billing process. 
  5. Patient Communication. Develop clear and transparent communication strategies to address patient inquiries and concerns about billing. 

Integration with MedCore Solutions or Similar Services 

  1. Evaluate Services. Understand the range of services offered by MedCore Solutions (or a similar company) and determine how they align with your organizational needs. 
  2. Cost-Benefit Analysis. Conduct a detailed cost-benefit analysis comparing staff augmentation and building an in-house team versus outsourcing to a company that charges a percentage of net collections. 
  3. Contract Negotiation. If you decide to go with staff augmentation, negotiate contract terms. Include responsibilities, costs, and deliverables to ensure clear expectations and mutual benefit. 
  4. Regular Review. Regularly review the performance of the augmented staff and the overall -efficacy of the arrangement and make adjustments as necessary. 


Building your own medical billing team with staff augmentation, such as from a company like MedCore Solutions, is effective when avoiding percentage of net collections charges. Outsourcing can also maintain better control and customization of the billing process. It’s important to assess your specific needs, perform a cost-benefit analysis, and ensure clear contractual agreements when integrating such solutions. 

Keep in mind the importance of continually assessing and improving the performance of your billing team. Leverage technology and maintain transparent and effective communication with patients. Avoiding Percentage of Net Collections Charges