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Prior and Retro Authorization Services

The pre-authorization practice has advantages and disadvantages. It can be very useful in ensuring the service is covered by a patient’s insurance, however it can take a long period of time to do so. This is because particular medical services need approval or pre- certification before they are performed in order for the insurance company to cover them.

Several administrative employees and doctors find that the lengthy process decreases turnaround and productivity times. However, we deliver insurance authorization services in a timely manner because our skilled staff offers efficient pre-authorization services.

Due to its high cost, many healthcare providers are outsourcing pre-authorization to other companies as an effective way to save money and decrease turn-around time.

Benefits of Outsourcing Pre-Authorization Services

How It Works

Our team works directly with patient insurance providers for procedures and services. To guarantee error-free billing, we recommend using control procedures, structured billing processes, and taking prior authorizations.

We monitor if more information is mandatory for a physician’s pre-certification.

The process cuts down on wait times for patients and lessens possibilities for errors within your organization.

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