MedCore Solutions

Patient Experience Services

MedCore Solutions’ front office and patient management team are skilled in in-patient scheduling, eligibility, and deductible verification, which decreases claim denial rate, and significantly increases practice revenue.

Eligibility and Deductible Verification

Patient’s eligibility directly impacts the reimbursement for a practice. It is important to verify the patient’s coverage with changes and updates in the insurances’ health plan policies. Along with the coverage, we also provide the details; coverage period, co-pay, deductible, co-insurance, cap limit, and other code-level benefits information, including max allowed limits.

Patient Access

Get complete and accurate information at the point of service to help manage your cash flow.

Manage Patient Phone Calls

Our patient experience services include scheduling, answering, and managing all patient calls so you can focus more on your patients.

Appointment Scheduling

Optimize your appointment density with our scheduling tool and connect to patients with automated reminders.

Patient Check-in

Collect patient payments at time of service—easily—and verify patient insurance eligibility in advance or real-time.