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Healthcare Support Solutions

Medical Billing, Credentialing, OSHA & HIPAA Compliance. MedCore Solutions Is Your Single Source Solution To Help Manage and Protect Your Practice!

MedCore is a single source solution for medical billing, credentialing and compliance. Our goal is help increase your revenue and keep you compliant so you can focus on your patients.

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Solutions Designed to Solve Problems

Our wide range of products and services are designed to help your practice  become more profitable and simplify daily operations.

These include:

  • Medical Billing Services At No Additional Cost
  • Credentialing and Enrollment
  • Medical Compliance Solutions
  • Telehealth Support
  • Screening and Monitoring Solutions
  • Practice Reporting

Medical Billing at 2.99%

Add a team of highly qualified medical billing collectors at absolutely no cost to your bottom line. You only pay for results!

Medical professionals know that as claims age, the likelihood of claiming that revenue dramatically declines.  The core foundation of what we offer our clients is the commitment to focus not only on new claims, but to specifically go after aging claims to ensure a healthier bottom line.  Don’t let these aging claims take a large chunk out of your annual revenue!

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